Peter Obi, Nigeria’s Long Awaited Messiah (E-copy)


The idea of the book, “Peter Obi, Nigeria’s Long Awaited Messiah”, was conceived at a time when Nigeria was in dire need of a political messiah.

Nigeria as a nation, has been through a lot of huddles and has been embattled by gross infrastructural decay owing to its poor democratic structure.


The past seven years and counting, have been hell for Nigerians ranging from agonizing inflation of goods and commodities, to the alarming rate of unemployment, incessant strike actions, insecurity, epileptic power supply, high cost of living, etc, which have all made life unbearable for the average Nigerians. A situation which has caused citizens (both professionals and nonprofessionals), to flee the country. This is proof of a failed nation, where the citizenry have lost total hope of making a living, thus leaving the country in search of greener pastures while those who cannot afford the cost of relocating, are left with the option of enduring the pain and torture of bad leadership with the fear of what every new day holds.

While Nigerians kept gasping for breath and were fervently counting down to the next presidential elections with different candidates springing up across all political strata, then came a sudden rise in popularity of a particular candidate with clean sheets and notable past records, in person of former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi whose leadership qualities supersedes that of every other candidate on the line and is evident in his eight year tenure as Anambra State Governor.

Through his political finesse, presentation of his political ideologies, and distinct projection of his leadership template, he won the hearts of many. His several intellectual speeches and analysis of the Nigerian economy, are like fertile seeds sprouting on the soil of the youthful segment of the country’s population.